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With this publication we want to show our customers that we have made a risk assessment in accordance with the EU Timber Regulation.

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                  EU-Timber Regulation and Bolivian Timber.

Introduction :

First of all we want to say thank You to FSC Bolivia and The Amazon Alternative for providing us with the missing information, so that we were able to write our Bolivian Risk Assessment according to EU-TR law. As expected the Bolivian Forestry law is very much in accordance with the requirements of the EU-Timber Regulation law.

In general You can say that the MMAyA is responsible for the contents of the forestry law. The ABT is responsible for releasing and checking all the permits and licenses from forest until export.

Bolivia has a concession system and a concession can be bought through a public auction.
Community forest, cooperative based forest, state forest or private owned forest are subject to the concession right law. Therefore, all of them have to pay a Forest Regulatory fee.

Not so many Europeans knows that, several years ago, the Brazilian government copied parts (logging licenses and COC) of the Bolivian timber law, making it easier for us to understand both systems.

Bolivian concession owners have to make a forest inventory in order to get their logging licenses. For each annual operating plan checked, the ABT grants a Certificate of Origin (CFO #1). For each truck with logs You need to have a CFO #1 with detailed information, such as volumes and species loaded on the truck.

After processing at the sawmill, the miller has to present his log supply plan and his log yield calculation/administration, in order to get a transportation permit (CFO 2#) from the ABT. In case of export the miller, timber processor or trader has to apply for a CFO #4.
This system of CFO’s is their COC system from forest up to export.