EU-Timber Regulation and Brazilian timber

The Brazilian codigo florestal (Forestry law)is very much in accordance with the requirements of the EU-Timber Regulation law.

Transport Permits

By law there is a COC-system of transportation permits, which makes it possible to trace exported timber all the way back to the forest of origin. The Policia Militar with the IBAMA (Ministry of Environment) check all the transportation-permits from forest to exportation.

Any transportation of logs, sawn timber or ready product, even when it is being moved  from sawmill to custom-kilner at very near distance, has to be done with an official permit.

Transportation without a permit will lead to irretrievable confiscation and a severe penalty, in cases where it is ascertained by the P.M. and Ibama.

The P.M. perform regular checks in forests, sawmills and along forestry- and country roads. Fixed checkpoints are also placed along the main roads and on all internal state-borders.

In order to get logging-licenses, the following individual authorities have to give written approval:

-FUNAI, the authority which protects the interest of the Indians. When Indians are found to be living in a logging area, said forest will be confiscated by Funai;
-Fazenda, Ministry of Agriculture, which checks the ownership of the land (forest);
-IBAMA, Min. of Environment;
-SEMA, state environmental authorities. The IBAMA and the SEMA check the forest-management and control to ensure that all requirements according to the forestry-law have been fulfilled.
SEMA and IBAMA cross-check each otherís work.

It should be noted that when timber is exported the Fiscal Authority check whether all taxes have been paid and issue a document in this respect.
This is a publication of D.Jr.Hout V.o.F., which is an international broker organisation and an official member of the Dutch Timber Trade Association.

With this publication we want to show our customers that we have made a risk assessment in accordance with the EU Timber Regulation.

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As broker, we have chosen to check each lot of timber on its legality and due diligence. In this way we can guarantee our customers that even our uncertified timber complies with the EU-TR requirements, but obviously we prefer to trade FSC certified timber.